Maggie Beer Natural Chicken & White Wine Stock 1L

A full-flavoured cooking stock can transform a dish from ordinary to exceptional, but making it can be a lengthy process. Maggie’s range of Cooking Stocks are authentically made, with a flavour as though you’d cooked it yourself. Maggie Beer’s Natural Chicken & White Wine Stock is no exception, made with 100% Australian free-range chicken, slow-cooked with fresh vegetables and aromatic herbs to create a rich and full-bodied flavour.

  • 100% Australian free-range chicken
  • Slow cooked
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Low in fat
  • Low in salt
  • Australian white wine
  • Australian owned & made


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Elevate Your Cooking with Authentic Flavours

With 100% natural ingredients and no added preservatives or artificial colours, this stock is not only delicious but also healthier than traditional store-bought options. It’s low in fat and salt, making it a great option for those who are health-conscious.

What sets this stock apart is the addition of Australian white wine, which gives it a subtle sweetness and a complex taste that will take your dishes to the next level. Use it as a perfect base for building delicious and full-flavoured gravies, soups, risottos and braises. It’s perfect for dishes with chicken, game, pork or vegetables.

Maggie Beer’s Natural Chicken & White Wine Stock comes from an Australian-owned and made brand that is committed to using only the best quality ingredients. It’s conveniently packaged in a resealable pouch, so you can use only what you need and save the rest for later. Try it today and experience the taste of Maggie’s passion for food in your own kitchen.

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