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The two essential ingredients you need to cook like Maggie Beer! The piquant Verjuice that is synonymous with Australia’s favourite home cook will naturally enhance the flavour of your cooking. Whilst Vino Cotto brings a gorgeous Mediterraean element to cooking.


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The Cooking Essentials Always In Maggie's Pantry

If there are two ingredients that are truly essential when it comes to cooking Maggie’s recipes it’s Verjuice and Vino Cotto.

Verjuice is made from the juice of unripe grapes and is a mild acidulant that highlights the natural flavours when cooking. Its unrivaled piquancy gives it a quality that really makes your cooking come to life. Maggie Beer first produced Verjuice in the 1980s when there was an oversupply of Rhine Reisling grapes in the Barossa Valley. Not being able to sell them for wine Maggie and Colin turned them into verjuice and went on to be the first in the world to commercially produce this essential ingredient. Splash it onto a roast chook or roast vegetable in the last minutes of cooking. Verjuice makes a refreshing drink or an excellent mixer for a cocktail. A truly versatile ‘secret’ ingredient, along with its pantry mate, Vino Cotto.

Vino Cotto is a sweet/sour flavoured ingredient remise of balsamic vinegar without the sharpness. Drizzle it over a just cooked steak, fresh cut tomatoes, or strawberries. These two ingredients will be the source of unlimited inspiration in the kitchen.

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